The fetid war in Afghanistan.

WikiLeaks has released over 90,000 documents about the war in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2009. Not many real surprises: we already knew lots of civilians were being killed and as this has been going on for so many years it was clear our leaders didn’t really care about that. Sure, they would make speeches about it, but nothing changed. Now, of course, it is going be different.

More details emerged about our “special operations” charged with finding and killing people on the Administration’s list. This without any trial, and only too often getting the wrong man and murdering the women and children who happened to be in the house. As we are a nation of laws, this is quite lawful.
The difference between them and any fanatical religious group of killers is not crystal clear. Some of them even claim it is lawful too.

Our drones are so sophisticated, the brave drivers sitting in their air conditioned rooms in Texas can easily see through the walls of the stone houses and recognize the villain, beyond all possible doubt. His wife and kids are just collateral damage. They are not American, so who cares? It was really a wedding party? Ooops.

The Afghanistan and Pakistani governments are corrupt? Another surprise: who would have thought that about politicians? Don’t even think about what they have to do to raise a few million dollars to get elected, or how they retire so rich.
So the locals don’t like having an occupying force that goes around killing people. They get annoyed when we kill their relatives. Our original target was Al Qaida, but it seems they have all left. Now it is supposed to be the Taliban, but who knows whether this is true or whether it is just the locals we have taught to hate us.

This fetid stinking war has been going on for nine years. That and the illegal invasion of Iraq will cost three trillion dollars: some now say it will be more. There are other costs too, like Homeland Security and the $5.6 billion per year for airline security (according to USA Today.) Not to mention the cost of the military.
Are we any safer? Probably not. The real danger is us making new terrorists. Kids who have seen their parents and friends killed or maimed and want to take revenge. It is no secret Americans, once greatly admired, are now hated in many parts of the world.

Congressman Sestak has still not replied to my repeated request to spell out our objectives in Afghanistan. Perhaps because no one knows, he can’t. Even when some genius comes up with a face-saving way of declaring victory so we can leave, the military industrial complex will be well taken care of. I see nearly a third of the Republicans have signed H.Res. 1553 urging Israel to start another war in Iran, with full American support. The snouts are in the trough. We need the shock and awe, like a better fireworks display each year. We can afford it: China will lend us the money.


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